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    Quick Facts

    Full Name: DJMutagen Nick Name: Birth Date: 1987/02/12 Place Of Birth: Portland, OR Occupation: Bass Jedi

    Best Known For

    Hailing from Portland OR, DJMutagen is a charismatic, driven and edgy performer whose eclectic set-lists echo through the floor and PA systems of some of the best venues throughout the local scene.

    Influenced by genres as diverse as Psy and Prog Trance, Electro House, DnB and Dubstep, DJMutagen set out to develop an interest for an unpredictable, yet direct approach to his DJ Sets. This attitude stems for a long love affair with music, going way back since grade school: as a kid, he displayed a particular attitude towards instruments such as violin, trumpet and piano. It did not take long before EDM took over, thanks to the influences of artists like Infected Mushroom, BT, and Bassnectar, to name a few.

    Mutagen's mix tapes and sets reflect his love for all kinds of electronic music (particularly the ones where deep bass is king), his love for gear, gaming and tech culture.


    I love bass and video games.

MixesBass Adventures

Original TunesLatest releases

  • Breakfastcover
    Breakfast Number of tracks : 4

    Album Name: Breakfast

    Composer: DJMutagen

    Release Date: 2013/12/14

    Genre: Dubstep

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    1. Bacon

    2. Eggs

    3. Hashbrowns

    4. French Toast


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