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Born in Portland, OR, Mutagen started getting into music when he was in gradeschool playing the trumpet, piano and violin. Soon after, He started falling in love with E.D.M. He couldn’t get enough! His first album to own was ‘Classical Mushroom’ by Infected Mushroom given to him by his uncle and it didn’t stop there! Libraries and playlists of music ranging from Psytrance to breaks and hip-hop to Electro were created, passed around and enjoyed by tons of people. His love for sharing music had only STARTED.

About 4 Years ago, Mutagen started his personal E.D.M. journey. Starting with a MIDI mixer and graduating to tables and beyond, he quickly grasped the basics and started expanding his technique as well as his kit. In a couple years, he had a decently sized following from all parts of the globe. Playing on a few Electro online-radio stations and a couple smaller venues in the Portland area gained him a bit more recognition. After that, he started his Youtube channel where he uploads all his his themed sets and mixes, adding more fuel to the fire of awesome.

Being a ‘techie’ and a hardcore gamer, Mutagen started sampling all his favorite video games and movies for his mixes, sets and routines. Now these aren’t any ordinary ‘on the drop’ samples that you hear every day. Mutagen tells the story of the game and characters, bringing the tension, dialog, music and nostalgia from those games to people’s ears, sparking that memory and surge of emotion that we all love and require from good music. When he’s not playing his video game sets and routines, he’s mashing and sampling other tracks in amazing and utterly ridiculous 3 and 4-deck, two minute transition sets that keep pulling in those listeners and fans-to-be from all over.

Mutagen is always looking for new ways to give himself (and others) those telltale goosebumps. In fact, that’s why he chose the name ‘Mutagen’;

An agent, such as a chemical, ultraviolet light, or a radioactive element, that can induce or increase the frequency of mutation in an organism.

His goal is to change the way people see, hear and think about Electronic Dance Music, to pull people of all sizes, colors and shapes together to dance, learn and party. He wants to be that radioactive agent of change.

Once you enter his world, you won’t come back to reality the same.


Agency Beatrox Records

Email [email protected]

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